Backend Developer

Job description

Ulobby is a B2B SaaS-platform which provides all the tools needed to monitor issues and stakeholders, manage activities, and gather political intelligence. Political regulation is becoming an increasing threat to organisations & companies globally as new legislation can shut down a business overnight.

Over the years, we have successfully been developing our technology and refining our products. We have progressed from a political monitoring tool to becoming a SaaS company providing critical infrastructure around handling political risk and stakeholder management. By combining data-driven political insights with intuitive digital tools for handling internal as well as external stakeholders, we provide companies and organisations across Europe with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our vision is to strengthen democracy by opening up the political processes and enabling more people, companies, and organisations to influence the political agenda. Our mission is to develop tools for Public Affairs professionals, which make their daily tasks easier and make them superstars inside their organisations.

We’re looking for people with a strong background in software-as-a-service who are comfortable in dealing with lots of moving pieces, have exquisite attention to detail, and enjoy learning new technologies and systems. You will work closely with a team of five Developers, a Product Manager, and a User Experience designer.


  • Develop the backend for our software services for lobbyists. We pride ourselves of being the preferred platform for Public Affairs work
  • Design, build, and maintain APIs, services and systems and take part in and improve the way we develop our software
  • Scaling of our system to users from all over the world and integrate our platform more deeply with parliamentary APIs
  • Debug production issues across services and multiple levels of the stack
  • Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes

You might work on

  • Data mining - both from structured APIs and messy policy documents
  • Implementing the server side of a new push notification-system for our mobile app
  • Modeling the network of European politicians in our graph database
  • Designing and refactoring internal APIs to make sure different services integrate tightly, are easily maintainable, and run smoothly
  • Design a general API, that covers several data models, for visualisations and data navigation

Ulobby toolbox

As a small and ambitious team our stack choices and coding conventions are focused on time-efficiency, and keeping our codebase organized, readable, and easily extendable. Our current stack is based on Laravel, Intertia.js, Tailwind CSS, Vue.js, Neo4j and runs on AWS.

Working within the domain of politics many of the problems we solve are best tackled with a graph-based approach, as queries about traversing relationships are more central to the application than selecting sets of nodes by their inherent attributes or static hierarchies. As a result, our primary database is a graph database, Neo4j, and while we do not require any experience with Neo4j we expect that you will learn it and love the cypher query language.

The majority of our end users are information hungry lobbyists who devour large amounts of texts, including reports and statistics, to always be up to date on the most current arguments and facts. To support their work a central part of the systems we build are ingestion of a lot of documents, processing them in multi-step data processing pipelines and collating the information in a knowledge graph. Experience with the concepts and challenges of working with event sourcing is appreciated as message queues (AWS SQS) are key elements in our architecture.

Coding is our passion and we are very enthusiastic to expand our skills so any other skills beside those listed is considered as an extra bonus.

Job requirements

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Experience: You’ve done web development for 3+ years (not a hard requirement) with an MVC-type framework. Bonus points for Laravel and javascript experience
  • Teamwork: You’re used to working collaboratively; participating in code reviews and being a team player
  • Product-centric: You love solving hard technical challenges and producing clean code, but you also recognize that the product and the end-user’s experience is the most important thing. You need to care about the users and think beyond just the technical challenges
  • Self-directed: We’re a start-up. We need someone who is comfortable taking an imperfect feature specification and driving it all the way to completion
  • Responsible: You hold yourself and others to a high standard when working with production systems
  • Good judgment: You have the ability to handle sensitive customer data
  • Ability to make things simple and concise
  • You are self-driven, reliable and have a responsible work attitude
  • Effortlessly written and verbal communication skills in English

You will get

  • A vibrant working environment with highly committed colleagues
  • An opportunity to be part of a growing start-up
  • An opportunity to set your mark on a new product in a new category
  • A shared code ownership because we love codes and we can’t help sharing our comment interest
  • A company that values results over fixed working hours

The company

We’re a growing and inspiring company with a people-centric culture and a team spirited environment. We want you to have fun when you go to work, and you will meet a dynamic workspace where development opportunities are many for the person who dare and will. As a start-up company, we do dream of our own star chef and fitness center but nevertheless we are happy to join for Friday breakfast, lunch and all our social in-house events, workshops and professional conferences. We strive for the moon with our feet well planted on planet earth and our commitment, community and flexibility make us love to get to work every day with great enthusiasm.

As a team player, you will be working closely together with your colleagues in Copenhagen, Århus, Brussels and Barcelona.

You will work out of our HQ in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg or remote. Our offices are just next to the Metro and we have accessible public parking facilities.


At Ulobby, we strive to make things simple, fast and transparent. Please send your résumé or LinkedIn profile. We will get back to you shortly.

If we see a fit, the process includes:

  1. Intro meeting with the team lead, where we will present Ulobby and the job, and you will introduce yourself and the challenge you are looking for
  2. Interview with focus on how you solved a short and simple hypothetical case (small preparation work required)
  3. Potential culture-fit meetings with rest of founding team or external advisor
  4. Final interview with the founders

At Ulobby, we strive to make things simple, fast and transparent. Please send your résumé or LinkedIn profile. We will get back to you shortly.

For more information or questions please contact

For more information or questions please contact HR Manager Cecilie Hansen [email protected]

Other practical things
Place of work is remote (CET timezone +/- 2 hours), or in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Deadline for applications: 01.10.2020

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Headhunters and recruitment agencies may not submit resumes/CVs through this website or directly to managers. Ulobby does not accept unsolicited headhunters and agency resumes. Ulobby will not pay fees to any third-party agency or company that does not have a signed agreement with Ulobby.